Santa Barbara Laundromat Gives Mom A Much Needed Break

Help Mom With the Laundry Mother’s Day and Every Day!

Mom does so much for everyone else in the house, it is time to give her a break and offer to help with washing clothes. Wash and Fun Laundromat is the only 5-star rated laundromat in Santa Barbara as determined by the Coin Laundry Association of America. Our clean laundromat, exceptional quality and service are what differentiate us from our competitors.

Our laundry facility is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, and energy efficient. We offer regular size commercial washers and dryers to meet your everyday self-serve laundry needs and giant front load washers to do the jobs that are too big to do at home, such as sleeping bags, comforters, and bedspreads. And our facility is always fully-attended by a friendly bi-lingual staff to serve your laundry needs, and keep our Laundromat spotless.

At Wash and Fun Laundromat, you can offer to take over the laundry for a day or come along with mom to get it done even faster. With our plentiful number of washers and dryers, you can turn laundry day into laundry hour. And there is plenty to do while waiting for the loads to finish. We’ve got large flat screen TVs for your viewing pleasure, fully stocked vending machines with drinks and snacks, various sizes of laundry detergents and bags, and ample parking lot space. If you would rather go out for lunch or coffee with mom, take advantage of our “Load and Leave” service for just 99 cents a pound – just tell us what machine you’re using, leave, and come back to clean and folded laundry!

You can also drop laundry off for our “Fluff and Fold” service. This service includes washers, detergents, dryers, dryer sheets, folding, hanging and bagging for just $1.25 per pound. Specialty items like comforters and blankets cost a little more. Or you can make mom’s life a breeze when you arrange for weekly laundry pick-up and delivery service. Pick-up and delivery are free, while the cost of washers, detergents, dryers, dryer sheets, folding, hanging and bagging is just $1.35 per pound.

Let our laundry in Santa Barbara take on your mom’s laundry load.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wash and Fun Laundromat

P.S. If you’re going to college in the fall, ask about our Student Advantage Program. It is a great way to wash clothing for students in school!

Another service that makes us stand out from the competition is the Student Advantage Program. This service allows your college student to spend his or her time studying for finals instead of worry about having clean clothes. You simply pre-pay $100. Once this is done we’ll pick up, wash, dry, fold, hang and deliver your student’s clothes right back to them. All of this is done within 24 hours. We’ll e-mail you when your account is running low so that there’s never a shortage of clean clothes.

Call 805-966-2646 to order your gift card today!


Besides all of these services, Wash and Fun is also equipped with huge front load washers to take care of things like comforters and sleeping bags that are too big to wash at home. When you come to Wash and Fun you can also enjoy amenities like large flat screen TV’s and fully-stocked vending machines. This holiday season let Wash and Fun take on your laundry load.


Vahid and Nancy

p.s. As a resource to you, we will occasionally recommend local area partners that we feel may be of value to you.  If you are moving in or out of Santa Barbara and need the help of a moving team, contact Casey at – The Careful Movers.  If you recently had one of your home appliances stop working, give our trusted appliance repair partner Burt Yost a call.  For a reputable, licensed & bonded house cleaning company call Rosie’s House Cleaning Team.



Q: What do I need to know before I come in?
A: We are open from 7a.m. to 11p.m. every day. You don’t have to worry about having coins handy. We accept several credit cards as well as Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Q: Do you have bilingual staff on hand?
A: Of course! Our staff is bilingual so we can serve all of our customers’ needs.

Q: What makes Wash and Fun stand out among the competition?
A: Wash and Fun Laundromat is not only Santa Barbara’s only 5 star rated Laundromat by the Coin Laundry Association of America, it is also the only hybrid laundromat in Santa Barbara. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and service. That’s what has helped us stay in business since 1982.

About Wash and Fun Laundromat: The family-owned Wash and Fun Laundromat, located at 1331 San Andres Street in Santa Barbara is open from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm every day. Services at the Santa Barbara laundromat include self-serve laundromatcommercial laundryfour minute laundrywash and leave laundry, and a student advantage laundry program. Visit the website at for laundry specials. Like the Facebook page for laundry tips. Call 805-966-2646 for a laundry pick-up.

Services at the Santa Barbara laundromat include self-serve laundromat, commercial laundry, four minute laundry, wash and leave laundry, and a student advantage laundry program.

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